Manufacturing Marčana

Organic goat farm Kumparička and artisan cheese

The Winkler family renovated the Kumparička farm and turned it into an organic goat and cheese farm. Their cheeses have a specific look that can also be found in Michelin-starred restaurants.

We were in Krnica near Marčana, that is, in Cokuni, where the Kumparička station is located. Once an abandoned farm that Aleš and his family turned into an organic goat farm and a cheese cheese factory.

I have been living in Istria for more than 12 years now. I started a goat farm that grazes 250 hectares on the eastern side of Istria. This area is ideal for extensive goat breeding because over 180 different species of Mediterranean plants grow on pastures.

We make organic products based on goat’s milk: unpasteurized cheese, whey, yogurt, cottage cheese, ricotta, feta cheese and semi-hard cheese. The whole story started by accident when we bought goats to clean the macchia at the then neglected Kumparička station. Little by little, we started making cheese from milk, which was soon declared the champion of Croatia.

We are members of Slow Food International, an organization that promotes locally produced food and traditional cooking. We place our products in Michelin-starred restaurants and hotels in Croatia and in Europe. Also, we have a stand at the market in Pula which is open all year round and during the summer we have an open tavern at the station.

– Aleš Winkler, the owner

Artisan goat cheese

Kumparička offers semi-hard goat cheese at different stages of maturity, from 2 to 48 months. Due to daily grazing, the taste of the cheese is constantly changing, following what the pastures of wild plants offer, on the day of milking.

Highlight of the fresh cheeses is the award-winning “Puca Dura” cheese with Istrian saffron stands out, which goes well with “Carameeeel” caramel.

We place our products in Michelin-starred restaurants and hotels in Croatia and in Europe.

– Aleš Winkler

Cokuni 25, 52208 Krnica
+385 99 797 1884