Made in Istra ∇

Made in Istra mean something was created, designed, developed, filmed, assembled, written, published, grown… in Istra ∇

Made in Istra ∇ – made by respecting people and balanced living

Istra is a synonym for the balanced way of living. People in Istria, a region in Croatia, often symbolises the life as it should be, work-life balance and amazing nature to live in.

The “Made in Istra ∇” signature means product or service is made in the environment which respects people, their balanced living and high standards of labor/workers’ rights.

Made in Istra

Stories with “Made in Istra ∇” signature

  • Organic goat farm Kumparička and artisan cheese
    The Winkler family renovated the Kumparička farm and turned it into an organic goat and cheese farm. Their cheeses have a specific look that can also be found in Michelin-starred restaurants.
  • Stancija Collis and winery on the highest hill near Rovinj
    We started the business primarily out of love because we wanted to offer something new and different. With a lot of love, work and sacrifice, today we are the eighth attraction on TripAdvisor for the Rovinj area.
  • The pleasure and passion of wine and the Poletti family
    We have seven labels on offer, and the most praised is our Cabernet Sauvignon which is among the best in the world. Of course, the road to such recognition was long. When we participated in the first Vinistra in 1994, we knew 50 times less about wine than we do today.
  • Sonja Radin, local fruits and vegetables for the Poreč market
    I have always been involved in agriculture that I inherited from my parents, and I have been selling in the market since I retired, now for almost 15 years. My husband helps me with my work, and we have lands in the vicinity of Poreč and Tara.
  • Marko Bernobić, winery Vicinim from Višnjan
    I opened my winery in 2007 in Deklevi, a place near Višnjan. Wine production is part of our family tradition, all seven hectares of vineyards are located in Višnjan, after which we named our wines – Vicinim.
  • Milan Udovičić, tradition of Istrian sausages and salamis
    After working in the meat industry, I decided to start something of my own that would be simple but high quality. Which will be based on tradition and mild flavors, which is actually common for the Žminj region.
  • Matea Prodan, persistent development of Prodan wine
    Our grandfather started winemaking, and in 1992 my dad started making wine and liqueur more seriously. Today, we produce up to 400,000 liters per year by investing in technology.
  • Eni, Sebastian and Arian, ALT digital
    We started in 2013 when we were still in college, Rijeka and Florence. Today we work from Istria with clients from the region. We could have worked abroad, but we believed we could succeed at home.
  • The Rossi brothers, a new generation of Rossi winery and distillery
    We believe that the recipe for good wine is nature, knowledge and technology, and an artistic approach to production. My brothers, Marko, Filip, and I are continuing the 130-year-old family tradition.

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